A Glimpse Of My thoughts Behind The Grooming Lounge

For me, the Avanzato Grooming Lounge is my second home.

I had spent most of my teenage years and young adulthood dreaming of this store and since the doors opened for service, it’s where I spend most of my working hours.

Even out of hours, my mind will be working away on new ideas, partnerships and possibilities.

I can honestly say that my work is passion, so in that sense, it’s not really work.

To me, this is a unique barber shop, warm, with a sense of community and ultimately a new concept in retail.

Aside from the specialist haircuts and beard trims, the Avanzato Grooming Lounge offers so much more in the way of bringing like minded individuals together in one room.

The essence of the brand is to connect, collaborate and celebrate.

Over the years my clients have become my friends and in many instances, my family.

It is for me, an honour to keep bringing an authentic grooming experience to the table which goes well beyond a great hairstyle and neat beard trim.

It’s all in the details; it’s in the connection between barber and customer; it’s the magic that grows between the mind and the blade.

It’s in the collaboration; joining forces with like minded gentleman with a vision for “better” and for more.

Without question of a doubt, it’s in the celebration; of who we are as gentlemen of today, of the boundaries broken and the destinations reached.

This for me, is just the beginning and I look forward to many more connections, collaborations and celebrations to come.

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