London As I Live It

My London Life…

Hectic to say the least. Even more so since the store has opened. However I knew this would be the case and it’s 100% worth it. I love the London buzz and everything that comes with it. Having my store in London is so important to me because it’s where my clients are but also where I love spending time.

Home is…

Where the heart is – so for me that’s London. It’s also my grandmother’s house where I live now – opening my shop meant giving up the luxury of living alone while I get finances in order for bigger and better moves for the future of the company. On the plus side, I get to spend more time with my family and make the most of little moments which make a huge difference to my grandmother who isn´t as able anymore.

My fave place in London with the gents…

I feel like I´m slightly on the older side of clubbing these days, so tend to go to bars now when it´s time to let my hair down. London is exciting because there are always new places popping up and these vary even more depending on the season so it´s nice to keep things varied and try out different places. I can´t complain about a great British pub either. Although I like a beer, or the odd Old Fashioned, I also keep drinking to a minimum and focus on my health.

Where would you recommend for a first date…

This would always depend on the person – I think it´s good to suggest places based on their likes, it shows you´ve been listening at least! In the Summer, rooftops or garden bars and restaurants are ideal. In winter, somewhere cosy with a fireplace is always nice, Covent Garden tends to set the mood well in winter!

Favourite place for escape…

I should probably escape a lot more but with the business I´m kept on my feet and in London. London has great parks which are amazing in the summer, so tuning into nature is always a nice way to have a few moments of peace. On my last trip to LA I did a lot of hikes which allowed me to enjoy some incredible views – I think the perfect escapes are always abroad and probably where you have a little less access to wifi.

Who is your idol?

This is a tough one because there are many people who inspire me and I try to take the best from all of them and shape them into one persona. But. if I had to mention just one and from the hair industry it would be Vidal Sassoon as he created a true legacy through his work and put a spin on the whole meaning of ladies hairdressing. He inspires me to do something similar in the men´s grooming world.

Best meal you´ve ever had?

This is a tough question. I´ve had some incredible dishes in my lifetime and I love food and trying new things.

What do you collect?

Football shirts. I have over 25 (the majority of Liverpool).

Favourite mode of transport?

Being driven, or driving. Who really likes the bus or the tube?

Favourite Quote:

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.”  –Norman Vincent Peale

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