The 2021 Must Try: Cryotherapy at LodonCryo

Starting off in the infrared sauna, temperatures went up to 70°C which was really surprising. Usually I can’t stand 5 minutes in a standard sauna, finding it difficult to breathe through the heat, but this one felt comfortable and I relaxed while my body did all the sweating. I was able to sit through this, quite pleasantly, for 25 minutes. When my time was up, I showered off in preparation for my next session.

I stepped into the photobiomodulation booth and put both feet firmly on the vibration plate. This calls for no clothes. My eyes adjust to the red light in the room and I balance myself as the vibration therapy begins. I could feel my body tightening and tensing as the plate quickly moved and the muscle contraction was evident. The process was working. 10minutes later, completely dried off, I headed to my next treatment.

All robed up, I was handed a pair of gloves and socks as well as a pair of warm slipper boots. Maria set the machine to -120°C and I started to understand why the wooly attire was essential! I stepped into the tank-like cabin, placed my arms on my head, and allowed the machine to do its thing for almost 3 minutes – it was freezing, but wow, was it refreshing!!

Having finished my sessions, I got dressed and was really impressed with how I felt. Invigorated, rejuvenated, fresh, alert, physical tensions had disappeared and I felt lighter emotionally and physically. Maria gave an accurate picture of what to expect. Needless to say, that evening, I slept like a baby.

Short on time and high on stress, it’s no wonder we are all looking for physical and mental wellbeing solutions. The results I got in a single session were incredible. Undoubtedly, the more consistent you are with the sessions, the better the results and noticeable the long-term benefits. With the pressures and strains of our current work and personal lives, this really is a must-try.

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