The 3 Part At-Home Grooming Guide With Gillette & Stefan Avanzato (2/3)

How to Up Your Face Game with a moustache or goatee style

In the previous section I talked you through how to trim down your lockdown facial hair to give you a cleaner, tidier look. Now we’re going to take it to the next level and explore a couple of sharp, slick facial hairstyles to help you up your face game.

We all know that shaving can result in bumps and irritation if not done correctly. My clients ask for advice about this all the time, and I always give the same answer: only use the best products: Gillette’s SkinGuard Sensitive razor and shave gel. Not only does this razor help reduce skin irritation and reduce the chances of razor bumps occurring when shaving, but a SkinGuard Sensitive shave will help remove dirt and oil from your skin too. It’s perfect for anyone with sensitive skin and ideal for shaving those sensitive areas like the neck and jawline.

Try these simple steps to shave a slick new look.

– There’s more than one way to wear a neat and tidy facial hair style. Whether it’s a goatee or a ‘tache; long hair or short style, decide what’s best for you first of all
– Trim down that stubble using the guidance on how to trim a beard (above)
– Apply Gillette’s SkinGuard Sensitive shave gel to your face, making sure it covers all of your facial hair
– Shape your hairstyle by using the SkinGuard Sensitive razor to remove hair to skin level on the cheeks and neck where it’s not needed.
– Start from the neck and use gentle, smooth strokes before moving onto the cheeks. Remember to take it slowly, pausing after every few strokes to see how the shape of the hairstyle is coming along
– Now you have the rough outline of your facial hairstyle, begin to define its shape by trimming round the lips using the edging blade on the back of the razor head. This will give your hairstyle defined, neat edges and a clean, close shave on the areas around the mouth
– After you’ve finished trimming, rinse your face with warm water to remove any remaining gel
– When you’re happy with your facial hairstyle, rinse your face and neck with cool water for a soothing feeling.
– Apply a moisturising aftershave product to keep your skin refreshed and hydrated

So now you can up your face game with a new facial hairstyle, and all without having to worry about skin irritation or redness. Game changer.

Check out the Gillette SkinGuard Sensitive razor here.

We’ve been helping @ryanthomas84 and @adamthomas21 freshen up their facial hair so that you at home can learn how to look and feel your best too. In episode 2 of #UpYourFaceGame, our Gillette Master Barber @stefan_avanzato guided the guys through some sharp facial hair styles using the SkinGuard Sensitive razor, which is specifically designed for guys who get irritation when shaving. Looking sharp, lads!

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