The 3 Part At-Home Grooming Guide With Gillette & Stefan Avanzato (3/3)

How to up your face game with a clean shave

I’ve taken you through a fresh beard trim and sharp facial hairstyle shave. But now it’s time for the big one; the one that my clients ask for my advice with the most. The close up clean shave. I’m going to help you shave off the years, and with these quick and easy steps you will look and feel your best.

Now in order to get up close in those contours of the face, we need to make sure we are using the best possible tools and preps. It is your face, after all, so we can’t take any chances! To make sure of a safe and comfortable clean shave I always use Gillette’s ProGlide razor. Here’s why…

The ProGlide razor has five blades, meaning every hair on your face gets cut up to five times in one stroke. Its precision technology allows the razor to glide smoothly over the skin to give you an incredibly close long lasting shave. But that’s not all, it has something called a FlexBall, which allows the razor to pivot over awkward areas of the face such as the jawline to ensure you get virtually every hair. In short, the ProGlide razor is as good as it gets and guarantees you Gillette’s closest possible shave.

So why not remind yourself just how good that clean shave feeling is by using these quick and easy steps to up your face game.

– Begin by washing your face so your skin and facial hair is hydrated. This can help to minimise nicks, cuts and irritation while shaving
– Apply a shaving cream to your face, making sure all hairs are covered to help improve your razor glide
– Let your Gillette ProGlide razor do the work with light, gentle strokes. This will allow ProGlide’s FlexBall technology to pivot and glide over the contours of your face. Take care not to shave over the same area too many times, or to press the razor too hard against your skin
– Rinse your blades regularly to ensure a clean, precise shave
– Facial hair grows in multiple directions, so shaving both with and against the grain can help you to capture virtually every hair. The ProGlide razor will help you to experience a comfortable shave even against the grain.
– When you’ve finished shaving, wash your face with cool water and pat it dry. Complete your shave routine with a hydrating aftershave product to moisturise and soothe your skin

Looks great and feels even better, doesn’t it?

You might have spotted over the last few weeks that we’ve been helping brothers @AdamThomas21 and @RyanThomas84 freshen up their facial hair. We tried out some sharp facial hairstyles and in episode 3 of #UpYourFaceGame our Gillette Master Barber @Stefan_Avanzato guided the guys to a smooth clean shave using Gillette´s flagship razor, the Gillette ProGlide. ProGlide’s FlexBall technology allows you to glide over those hard to reach areas, while the blades will cut each hair up to five times for a super close and long-lasting shave. Looks great and feels even better!

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