The Directors Haircut

Haircut with Stefan Avanzato

The New You By Stefan Avanzato

Major hair restyle and consultation with Stefan Avanzato

Master Barber Haircut

Haircut with Francesco Cheruseo

The New You By Francesco Cheruseo

Major hair restyle and consultation with Francesco Cheruseo

Senior Barber Classic Cut

Shampoo & conditioner, haircut & style.

The New You

Major hair restyle with consultation


Luxury Cleansing Shave

Luxury wet shave incorporating a facial with essential oils, hot & cold towels

Beard Cut-Throat Razor Reshape

Beard trim & reshaping with the classic cut-throat razor method

The Beard Trim

Beard trim with clippers only

The Full Experience

Avanzato Full Experience

Shampoo, haircut & luxury shave with Stefan Avanzato

Master Barber Full Experience

Shampoo, haircut & luxury shave with Francesco Cheruseo

Senior Barber Full Experience

Shampoo & haircut & luxury shave

Male Grooming

Cheek / Under Eye

Using a uniquely created Hot wax just for Men “Homme” by Perron Rigot Paris. Removes the hair from the cheek area only below the eyes and to the top of the shave line.

Nostril Waxing

Using a uniquely created Hot wax just for Men “Homme” by Perron Rigot Paris. Removes the hair on show from the nostril area.


Mini Facials

A pick me up facial designed to awaken refresh and revive the skin. Ideal introduction to skin care or great for after a night out.

Skin Detox

Designed for clients who need a deep cleanse have congested, oily/combination skin. This will include steaming and extraction of black heads and congested pores. Finished off with a purifying mask. The ultimate starting point in your skin care treatments. Includes a shoulder and scalp massage.

Skin Quencher

A nourishing comfort food for your skin to target dry, dull lifeless skin. Leaves your complexion glowing with vitality and a nourished healthy feeling. Includes shoulder and head massage.

Matifying Cleansing Facial

This treatment is especially for men who have concerns with spots and signs of acne. Using a combination of treatment including steam, extraction, acid peel and electrical machines to help regulate the oil production. Includes shoulder and scalp massage.

Hydra Dermabrasion

Is a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments combining cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection that removes dead skin cells and impurities, while simultaneously delivering moisturizing serums into the skin.

Firming Facial

This treatment is targeted at working on fine lines/wrinkles and the first signs of ageing. Using a combination of peel, electrical currents like cavitation and micro current, which will help stimulate collagen in the skin. Helping to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. Includes shoulder and head massage.

The Big Event

A facial that will remove a dead layer of skin using chemical exfoliation to allow your skin to start with a great glow. We will then apply active ingredient and with a combination of a machine we will push the vitamins to the deep layers of the skin triggering cellular renewal, collagen and elastin. Finally a firming power mask is applied giving you a smooth, tightened, and lifted skin. Refreshed and hydrated. Includes face, shoulder and Head Massage.

Back Facial

A specialised skin treatment targeting the back. Includes steam, exfoliation, extraction, massage and mask. A must have pre holiday treatment.

Specialist & Advanced Facials

Microneedling+ LED Repair & Rejuvenate

The ultimate collagen skin booster. As we age our collagen and elastin in our skin is dramatically reduced due to the ageing process. In time, this effects how we feel about the quality of our skin as it can feel more lined and wrinkled. In this treatment we use a combination of micro needling with a bespoke activator serum to help awaken the collagen and boost the skin to reproduce healthier cells. We also apply an Italian acid to help with skin glow and LED light therapy will give you the youthful, dewy glow back into your skin. A great treatment for that extra boost your skin needs.

The Signature Facial

A tailor made Facial treatment for that extra boost your skin needs. This treatment will thoroughly deep clean your skin but will be boosted using a small amount of micro needling to boost the skins collagen and elastin and help tighten the pores. Includes a shoulder and scalp massage.

New Skin Resurfacing Facial

A Peel aimed at getting results for dull, uneven and pigmented skin types. The new skin will be brighter, more radiant and glowing. Includes facial, shoulder and scalp massage.

Spirulina Biopeeling

This treatment is a bio peeling skin-resurfacing peel, packed with spirulina and algae and some acid to detoxify and clean the skin to the deepest layers. Ideal to treat oily, combination, dull, blocked skin and acne. This treatment is a deep resurfacing and involves the skin to peel for a few days. Can be used on the face and Body to treat various skin concerns.



Mesotherapy is a French technique using microinjections of vitamins, enzymes and plant extracts to rejuvenate, tighten and brighten the skin. This treatment is an advance therapy for skin needing an extra boost from the inside. This treatment may have some down time


Profhilo has been a successful treatment for men's skin rejuvenation in a subtle way, boosting the skin with hydration and hyaluronic acid to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and loss of collagen.

Anti Wrinkle Injections (Botox or Azzulure)

Anti Wrinkle injections used to soften fine lines and wrinkle around the eyes and forehead giving your skin a healthy youthful appearance.

Fat Dissolving Injection

Can be used to reduce stubborn areas of fat like the chin, back fat and on the stomach. Fat dissolving treatment is a fat dissolving injection that works by liquidating fat cells and destroying them permanently. The broken-down cells are then eliminated naturally through the lymphatic system.

Vitamin B12 injections

These are injection that can have many health benefits such as helping increase energy levels, improves sleep patterns, boosts the immune system and help with mood changes and tiredness.

Hands & Feet

Avanzato Manicure

A treatment to tidy your nails, trim the cuticles, and get your hands hydrated and looking ready for any event, whether an important meeting or a social occasion coming up. Buffed finish.

Grooming Manicure

A nail treatment designed to tidy your nails, cuticles and keep your hands look tidy, neat and professional on a 2-week cycle.

Avanzato Lux Pedicure

Enjoy a Luxury foot soak in our specially designed Pedicure Area, followed by cutting of the nails, cuticle trim. Remove any excess hard skin on the heals followed by a foot scrub and foot and leg massage. The ultimate foot treatment for to get your feet looking in the best condition groomed and tidy

Grooming Pedicure

A maintenance Pedicure to treat the toe nails, cuticles and refresh any tired feet to keep them looking fresh.

Add On

Paraffin wax treatment - An SOS foot or hand treatment-using paraffin wax to treat excessive dry skin to help repair and nourish. Ideal for both hands and feet

Eye Treatments

Create the brows you desire to give you a sharp groomed look with our modern male grooming techniques.
Eyebrow Waxing
Brow Tint
Eye Brow Shape & Tint
Lash Tint
The Brow Package
Brow Tint & Shape Plus Lash Tint


The SOS every man needs to reduce stress of daily life and increase relaxation and energy levels. Massage can help reduce pain, muscle soreness and tension. Also helps with blood circulation, lymphatic drainage and balance the mind, body and soul.
Swedish Massage

A de-stressing firm massage with pressure points that will help to relieve stress and ease tension. It can be tailored to your individual needs or areas of concerns. With a relaxing blend of essential oils.

Back De-stress Massage

A back massage that helps you unwind, destress and release areas of tension.

Bespoke Full Body Massage

A bespoke full body massage where you can choose what areas you need specifically worked on. The therapist will personalised the massage techniques to target and treat your areas of aches and tired muscles. Enjoy a variety of Swedish, aromatherapy and Thai massage.

Indian Head Massage

Indian head massage is to release tension in the muscles and joints of the head, face, neck and shoulders. Indian head massage can also help with relieving fatigue, insomnia, headaches, and sinusitis.

Foot Massage

A pressure point release foot massage aim to unwind tired aching feet. Great for men who train and need some stress relief on the foot area. Includes a foot soak, scrub and pressure point massage.


Using a combination of hot and Strip wax to achieve a smooth, hairless appearance to the look you require.
Full Leg
Half Leg
Back & Shoulders
Chest & Abdomen
Arms & Hands
Under Arms
Under Eye

What Our Clients Say

I have known Stefan for more than 5 years now and i wouldn’t trust anybody else in the world with my hair than him. More than just a barber, Stefan is a dear friend of mine and i find sanctuary in Avanzato Grooming Lounge. By far the best Grooming Lounge in London and i highly recommend anybody who truly values the fine art of Grooming to go to Avanzato Grooming Lounge. Once you go once, you’ll always come back – Fact.
Eman Arashan
After scouring London for the best barbershop the city has to offer, I came across Stefan Avanzato. Not only is Stefan the best barber I have ever come across, he has a great eye for detail, a surgeons hand in precision and a heart of gold.
Ben Gotlieb
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