Lessons Learnt From Lockdown

At the turn of 2020 we all started off with a huge dose of enthusiasm; we made new year resolutions, added tourist destinations to bucket lists, some sent out wedding invitations, others considered “must moves” post-Brexit and then BAM! Faster than we ever could have imagined, the world has been struck down by a virus that could only have ever been conjured up in the wicked mind of a skilled Netflix series writer!

Yet here we are, confined to our homes and living a “new” kind of lifestyle that only remotely resembles our old day to day.

While I, like others in the hospitality, retail and leisure industry have had to close doors, others have been asked to set up offices from their dining room table and many more have lost their jobs, and some even their lives to the pandemic.

But not all is lost, surely? I asked some of you, what lessons you have learnt from lockdown and I am pleased to say that it looks like on the whole, there are some positive takeaways.

So in answer to the question – “What lessons have you learnt in lockdown?” I´ll hand it over to you:

Following the news – learning to decipher between fake news & real sources. Following death tolls can take its toll so finding a balance and consuming positive content can nourish the soul. B.N

I agree with the materialistic points. A Ferrari in the shed with a dusty cover means nothing now! P.L

Mental health big time! Learning to slow down, take time, calming the thoughts down. I´m far more structured because I have the time now without the social pressures to be out! H.N

The realisation that you don’t need a lot to be happy and healthy! R.E

I recognised that I was unappreciative about things – I didn’t realise this before. Such as being a good chef is a real talent I don’t think I fully appreciated. Also, people that don’t have a fixed work schedule require a serious amount of discipline. S.W

Gardening is good for the soul and washing your face and showering without being in a 5 minute rush before work is a small luxury not to be underestimated. G.A

Expensive watches seem kind of stupid when you’re locked in your house all day and night. J.R

Also Carol Baskin killed her husband! J.L

It’s up to each one of us. At some point, we’ll look back on this lockdown time knowing we’ve either used it, or wasted it. S.G

I’ve learnt to stop, reflect and reset. Constantly being on the go, we tend to miss or overlook some important matters. Also I´ve learned to not take one minute or day for granted. We always inherited and knew these traits but when you’re forced to make a “pit stop” everything suddenly moves slower. M & A

Learn to let go: that was a big challenge I finally got over during lockdown. P.M

Spending time with loved ones- I will continue to try and spend more valuable time with my family – it’s important. R.Z

I got laid off from my day job and had to go into a precautionary 12 week isolation period, this gave me the extra time I needed to be creative with my author work which has been like therapy for my mental health – it has taken my mind off everything.

Also, not overloading myself with the news (in particular negative news.) I now watch one piece of news a day. I also realised that communication is key especially with friends even if via phone, text or video call. J.L

Money comes and goes… spending more time with the kids is now a priority. This time has given me the push I needed to invest more online so I can work towards a better work/life balance in the future. T.M

Money lessons. I don’t miss the pub as much as I thought I would! Honestly I can’t imagine really wanting to walk into a pub and grab a pint the way I used to. I also realised that I really like the royal family and I love playing chess. Podcasts are great too – I know I’m late to the party on that! O.N

A note from me: I’m enjoying time to slow down and the lockdown has given me the time to focus my attention on other areas of business, health and family.

I also appreciate the friendships and connections from work more than ever, my customers who fill my days with purpose and the laughter shared daily from the chair.

I’ve discovered Netflix to be a great companion, an increased love for outdoor spaces and gratitude for tech and video calls!

I hope that when we open the shop doors, we will share hugs (albeit social-distance approved) and we will all have a better understanding of the “simple” things in life.

One this is for sure, we will all come out of this through strength and patience and with a new-found wisdom.

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